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Data management
Value for money
Global access
Improved monitoring

The advantages at a glance

Data management>>

  • Centralised data recording and archiving of everybody involved on the project
  • Easy-to-read tables displaying the recorded lock data
  • Comprehensive alarm functions (e.g. excess O² content in the locks, O² pressure in the supply containers too low)
  • Encrypted data transfer and access protected by password
  • Minimal investment costs
  • Global access to current data available to everybody involved on the project by means of PC and all mobile devices
Protocoling of excess pressure work on paper is time intensive, inefficient and is a source of potential mistakes. The electronic project documentation system from CAIS provides a reliable means of recording all critical project data in a reliable manner. It considerably improves the efficiency of the actual work.
Our system records all the data provided by the client from the initial commissioning stage onwards. The project manager can then decide who is to be authorised to see and process which data.

Value for money>>

The advantage of this system becomes evident when the CAIS system is compared to the project planning required for the currently employed technology (strip chart recorder, O² measuring devices, electronic recorders), the overall set-up work and the data processing involved in personnel costs (logbook, lock book management and control, salary calculation, creating and managing personnel data).

Global access>>

Irrespective of whether they are at their desk in the office, waiting to check-in at the airport, in the hotel in the evening, engaged in home office or conducting discussions with the client, compressed air investigation, product management, marketing or sales staff require all the data and facts at their fingertips- 24/7 and everywhere - on their PC, tablet or smartphone. The administrator responsible in the user administration department stipulates how the data is used. The number of users is not limited. You decide on who is authorised to have administration rights, define structures, maintain product data, upload, translate documents and images etc.

Improved monitoring>>

  • Improvement of the requisite processes for performing excess pressure work
  • All the essential information for the manlock attendent is available at a glance and this increases his attentiveness.


  • Simple, time-saving and reliable data recording for full documentation of excess work and complete protocols
  • Intelligent user guidance to enable observance of lock standards
  • Protection against entering incorrect information by means of an ongoing plausibility analysis
  • Automatic adoption of personnel data
  • Awareness and control with all relevant data in real time
  • Can be fully integrated in existing systems
  • Printout of electronic lock and compressed air books in Excel format possible

Construction companies and syndicates>>

  • Simplification of all work processes
  • These days having access to information 24/7 is seen as essential
  • Individuals – irrespective of their location - can follow the compressed air work live
  • The accounts department can view and process documents for hourly-rate and salary calculation
  • Data storage of the digitally created lock books for 10 years after project termination
  • Access checks for compressed air workers entering the locks with ID card and simultaneous data storage of the work performed
  • Simple and secure creation of compressed air personnel data, import and management in a dedicated database
  • Improved evidence recording in the event of accidents

Doctors / incident evaluation>>

CAIS digital data recording enables workers who suffer symptoms of decompression illness after leaving the construction site to go to the doctor and always have online access to their personal compressed air data in the doctor's surgery. This allows the doctor to provide an individualised diagnosis.

Compressed air workers>>

  • Global access to personal compressed air book
  • All important data always availalbe 24/7
  • Access via PC and all mobile devices possible
  • Data export makes logging in at the new construction site quick and simple


  • Legally compliant and tamper-proof data recording
  • Overview of all compressed air work (release by project manager)
  • Precise research in the event of accidents
  • Accident prevention
Construction companies and syndicates
Doctors / incident evaluation
Compressed air workers

Compress Air Intervention System

„CAIS“ - The mobile automation system to collect, process, transfer and archive Process Data of personel interlocks for pressure plants.

Security first.
Efficiency first.

Whether general contractor, project manager, or builder: if you want to work underground , you will need not only the right equipment, but also a highly efficient electronic work area safety tool which can noticeably unburden your personnel as well as your company. Welcome to Compressed Air Work.

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